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07 FAQ'S

  • What is bigbotprofit.com?

    bigbotprofit.com is an experienced team of dedicated developers, traders and analysts who involved in crypto trading also authorised and regulated by the United Kingdom Company House Authority.

  • How to become bigbotprofit.com Investor?

    To become a investor of bigbotprofit.com, you need to open a free account. It doesn't take much time, but you will get an opportunity to become an investor and earn profit. Please check out this link to create account.

  • What is the risk for my investment?

    There is always a risk in every business including Crypto Trading. But we have experienced team to manage the risk into the lowest level. bigbotprofit.com Ltd offers a safe investment service that does not mean financial losses.

  • How many accounts can I create from same ip's or from one Computer?

    We don't put any limit on the numbers of account from one computer so its benefits for any investor and yes you can use same ip's for many account as you and your family may have same ip's so we don't limit any ip's restriction.

  • Can I change my login information?

    You can change the data by clicking the link "Account Settings" in the navigation menu.

  • How to recover my password?

    Click password recovery link. Type your username or e-mail, follow the orders and you will receive your account information to your registered email. If you got any trouble with it please contact us immediately.

  • How secure is user accounts and personal data?

    We have a wide range of security measures to protect account data and privacy. Our website is protected against DDoS attacks, all transferred data are SSL-encrypted and we use a licensed script. Our website is located on a dedicated server with a firewall installed on it.

  • What e-currencies do you accept?

    We accept Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Perfectmoney, Dogecoin and Payeer.

  • Is there any limits for an investment amount?

    The minimum investment amount is $0.10 and the maximum amount is $50000

  • How to make a deposit?

    To make a deposit, first go to the member area then click the link "Make Deposit" in the navigation menu, select the plan, enter the amount you wish to make deposit, select the payment system which suits the best and click on make deposit and confirm it.

  • How long will be my deposit active?

    It will active for lifetime.

  • Can I invest several deposits at once?

    Yes, you can have unlimited number of deposits, but each of them will be processed separately depend on your deposit amount. For example: you make deposit of $100, it will generate profit of 5% daily then you make another deposit with amount of $5500, it will generate profit 9% daily.

  • Can I make deposit with account balance?

    Yes, You can.

  • Can I withdraw my principal deposit?

    Yes, if you want to withdraw your capital then fees will be 10%

  • Can I withdraw my Profit?

    Yes, if there is a sufficient balance on your account. Minimum amount to withdraw for PM and Payeer is $0.01 while for Cryptocurrencies it's $0.03.

  • How long is profit accrued?

    Your first profit will be accrued after exactly 1 hour after the addition of your deposit. Time when your deposit was added is also the time of accrual of profits and so on everyday including weekends.

  • How to withdraw my funds?

    To request a withdrawal click the link "Withdraw Funds" in the navigation menu.

  • How fast will I see my funds on my account after I sent the payment?

    The funds will be added to your deposit immediately after we receive required confirmations from the Payment System. For all cryptocurrencies we require transaction to have at least 3 to 5 confirmations before it gets processed by our system. The transaction processing time differs between currencies and depends much on the Cryptocurrency Network load. You can check the transaction status anytime with any of the block explorers (BlockChain, EtherScan, etc). PerfectMoney and Payeer payments processing is almost immediate, but in some extremely rare cases these systems do not provide the appropriate payment notifications and theses payments should be processed manually. If your payment was not processed by our system after it has received 3 confirmations in case of cryptocurrencies or several minutes after PerfectMoney/Payeer payment please follow the steps: - refresh your dashboard; - if you still do not see your funds, please wait 5-10 minutes and refresh your dashboard again; - if you still do not see your funds, please contact us providing the maximum details about your payment: payment system, transaction number (batch number in case of Perfect Money), transaction amount and payment date/time, the source and destination wallet/addresses. This way we'll be able to find your payment as soon as possible and add it to your deposit.

  • Do bigbotprofit.com offer affiliate program?

    bigbotprofit.com offers three-level affiliate program.
    Level 1: 20%
    Level 2: 20%
    Level 3: 10%


    All members are automatically part of the referral program. Please use your unique referral link in the members area to promote our program.


    No deposit is required to earn referral commission. You only need to have a downline that makes a deposit.


    Yes, as soon as you have account balance $1 or more you can withdraw it anytime.

  • Do bigbotprofit.com offer representative program?

    bigbotprofit.com offers three-level representative program.
    Level 1: 10%
    Level 2: 6%
    Level 3: 2%
    For more info visit Affiliate page.


    We use an Extended Validation SSL (EVSSL) from Comodo with 256-bit encryption to ensure the privacy and security of all information entered on our site. We are also hosted on a DDOS Protected Dedicated Server from Genius-Guard, a leading provider of DDOS protected hosting.


    The protection of your account is our top priority which is why we have several security measures in place to deter hackers: - All server data is automatically backed up every hour to ensure the rapid restoration of all site data in the event that there is any security breach. - We utilize multiple accounts for each payment method to spread out risk and ensure that our program can continue running in the unlikely event that a hacker is able to breach any of our accounts. - We also have several internal security measures in place for the protection of our server and software to lower the risk of a breach from both inside and outside sources. In order to maintain secrecy, we do not publically discuss these measures.

  • Do you charge any fee for the withdrawals?

    We do not charge any fees on withdrawal funds from your withdrawable balance to your payment system.

  • How can i contact you in case i have problem on the website?

    You can contact us around the clock through the support form, email [email protected] We will promptly respond to any problems.